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Over the weekend I will usually make a list of ‘things to make’ for the following week and then accordingly shop for the groceries and veggies over the weekend. This way I found out that I saved a lot on the grocery bill and it also resulted in less wastage of food stuff. So far I have worked according to the list more or less except for one of those days when I get late from work and then in no mood to cook anything. Thats when I dig in for a pizza hut number!!!! 😉

And when that happens, the menu/dish listed on that day goes in for a toss!!!!! I will sometimes completely forget that I had bought something to make a particular dish and ‘that something’ is nicely sitting in some corner of the fridge waiting for its turn to come.

The same happened with my poor tortillas 😦 . I got them over the weekend thinking that I will make something over the week. And that day happened to be one of those days when I came home late from work…….. So what happened on that day????….. Correct- pizza hut !!!!! 🙂

After a few days when I was digging in my fridge for something I saw the poor tortillas looking expectantly at me!!!! “Is it our turn today???” YES!!!!! So out I got them and started one my tours to Mexico…!!! 😀



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