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dsc00782.JPGOne of the very common gujju dishes for everyday cooking is sev tamata nu shaak (sev and tomato curry). Quite a strange combination right!!!!! Now the main funda behind this wierd combination is that tomato being such a juicy vegetable fruit, it oozes out lot of water when cooked which makes the curry very watery!!!!!!!!!! And when you dip your chapati into it and put it into your mouth the juice from the curry runs all the way down your fore arm!!!!!!! And then you go licking it all the way!!!uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! And hence the addition of sev into it which absorbs the watery part and makes the curry thick and rich!! 🙂

Coming from a gujju family this one was a sure favoutire of all……. except me!!!! I never enjoyed this wierd combination of sev and tomato together and hence my mum would use different kind of spices and make the gravy thick!!!! Can spices make the gravy thick????? Yes they can!! 🙂 Addition of dhania jeera powder and a teaspoon of besan/gram flour will give a nice thick texture to any watery gravy. Let see how…….



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