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Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!!…….. Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!!….. Aaa-Aaa-Aaa–Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!! Excuse Me!!!!! Bbbrrrrrr…… bbrrr……. Excuse me!

Thats the after effect of an eternal nose block buster!!!!!! My nose was horribly blocked with heavy sinus. The pain radiating from the middle of my nose right till the back of my temples! My eyes watering and ears paining! When I would talk with my students they would make fun of me since I was talking through my nose!!!!! The only thing that I was craving at a time like this is some nose block buster!!!!!! Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!! Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!! Excuse me!

Hot, spicy, tangy, tomato rasam is the best nose block buster that I recommend!! Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!! Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!! Excuse me! These are the after effects of course, but I prefer using a few tissues rather than pain killers!!!! Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!! Bbrrrrrrrrrrr……..!!!!!



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Back to Basics…..

Being far away from home it always makes you crave for those things which your mum would always make…… be it those traditional recipes or some basic masalas or any of those grandma secret’s.  

This always happens with me……. I might decide to make something, try to recollect what all things would go into it and then gather them all and begin with it….. half way through it I would realize that either something is wrong or I am missing one of the ingredients or should I do this first or that?????? And then, with dirty hands pick up the phone dial 0091 12345………. hold the phone between your head and your shoulder standing in the kitchen and narating what all you have done till now to your mum sitting a few thousand miles away and then…….. now what to do???? How much of this goes into it???? I dont have this, what should I do now? and a whole list of things…………. The phone companies have surely been benefitted with people moving across oceans and more so when food enthusiasts like me decide to make something just like my ma did and then get stuck in the middle, call up and, “now what???”  PHEW!!!! God alone know how many $$$ I would have spent jotting down recipes on phone!!!!!!!!!!

And so this time when I went back I captured it all on my cam and decided to put it up on the blog so that I have it with me LIVE forever!!!!! 🙂  

For those of you who tried to guess the two mountains……… The first one is not a flour, its CHAAT MASALA. I don’t doubt your culinary skills one bit 🙂 …… the pic was not too good to reveal the actual thing. Most of you got the second one right as some masala and Swapna, Jyotsna and Trupti guessed it correctly as GARAM MASALA. 🙂

 I would usually get a full years supply of these two masalas with me. But then the generous me would keep distributing to friends and colleagues around nicely advertising my ma’s masalas (she can actually start selling them 😉 )and then half way through the year realize that the stock is over. 😦 So then the wait begins ……. either someone coming to Singapore or when can I go back!!!!! And then finally I would give up hope and try to make them myself. Then starts a whole lot of phone calls and…… you know it right!!!! 🙂

So now I got no excuses for spending $$$ on these………..


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