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So its JFI time!!!!! This is the first time I am submitting an entry for JFI!!! (Where should I go and hide my face!!!???) Either due to work commmitments or my cam problems I could never contribute for this wonderful event started by Indira.

I believe that cooking for food events should be fun and not something which is a compulsion or a punishment. Don’t stress yourself to run behind deadlines for submitting for food events!!! Mine or anyone elses. πŸ™‚

So shall we begin!!!! πŸ™‚ I didn’t really know what to make for this month’s ingredient since I use ginger as a spice for most of my cooking!!!! (I would be flooding Rosies post if I were to send them all πŸ˜› ) Then it rang a bell about this recipe which I had noted down a few yrs back in my cookbook. Ginger Toffies!!!!! Traditionally, also know as Aale Paak. If I am not wrong its a typical maharashtrian food item. (Where are my maharashtrian friends??? Am I correct???) This also goes as of my contribution to FAHC.

This is typically eaten in extremely cold weather to give warmth to your body. I guess you would be wondering why did I make it then, when I almost always shout about the warm Singapore weather!!!! I made this to send it with my hubby who is now nicely enjoying the warmth of it in 0* temperature at London!!!!! GGRRRRR……..

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BOY!!!!! I really underestimated my fellow blogger friends. I got a whopping 25 entries for the very first run of this event!!! PHEW!!!!! You guys gals have some enthusiasm I must say!!! )

So lets start with the round up of the first round of MBP for the month of January – Arould the world!!! I have kept the names of the β€œFROM” bloggers a secret. ) Only once you put your cursor on the hyperlink will you be able to know who they are. ) So keep guessing!!!!!


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Its round and made of dough
Topped with sauce and cheese just so.
It’s a big round treat
Filled with vegetables and cheese.
It’s a pizza cooked just right.
Are you ready? Have a bite! Lets make it first!!!


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Thank You!!!!! πŸ™‚ For your lovely entries for MBP πŸ™‚

And also for a whole lot of emails and comments asking when my cam is going to be back!!!! It feels nice when you know that someone is missing you. πŸ™‚ My cam should be back by next weekend (I hope so) all hail and hearty πŸ™‚ or else I go ahead and buy a new one!!!!! πŸ˜€

I have one recipe already clicked and on my laptop before my cam decided to fall sick, but before I post that let me show this beautiful hill station in Malaysia where I went last month for a short holiday πŸ™‚ . The Cameroon Highlands!!!

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Since the time I have started this blog, the list of things that I can cook has become longer and longer and the credit goes to all my blog buddies. This event is one such way of giving credit to all of you out there. ) It will go one for the whole of 2007 with one theme each month.

All you guys have to do is………BROWSE (important), COOK(important) and take PICS(not so important). Now that isn’t difficult, is it???

Okay, lets take it one by one,

1. Based on the theme of the month, you have to cook something from the fellow bloggers posted recipes.

2. Post a pic of the final recipe on your blog linking it to the blogger (whose recipe you made) and to this event. Whether to make it a post or no, is entirely your choice. You can just put a final pic or put step by step pics or if you have made any variations you might want to highlight that or post the whole recipe. Its entirely upto you. But one final pic and a link to the blogger and this event is a must.

3. Email me your
the pic,
permalink of your recipe/pic only and
a permalink of the blogger from whom you made this dish

to blogcoffee[@]gmail[dot]com

with ‘MBP (current month) 2007′as the subject line.

4. Theme of the month will be announced during the first week of that month. You have to email me your post by the 20th of that month and the final round up will be done in the last ten days.

5. There is no limit to the number of entries that you might want to contribute. If you don’t have a blog, you can still email be the post and I will do it on your behalf.

Now let me end this by announcing the theme of this month.


“Around the World!!!”


It could be any of the international cuisines, Chinese, Mexican, Italian whatever you like. Just dig out something from any of the fellow bloggers and get on with your skills!!!!! )

On the last note, kindly help to publicise this event by announcing it on your blogs. Its not mandatory, but while its still a baby, any help would be appreciated. )

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