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God forgive me for this, but I happily facilitated the divorce of the ever popular and the ever green couple – makke di roti and sarson da saag. 😈

Since time immemorial the people of punjab have been enjoying the rustic flavour of this beautiful couple and then finish it off with a serving of lassi or fresh curd and white butter.

Now makke has this cousin called as missi. While makke di roti has this natural sweetness of maize, missi di roti brings out a mix of besan and wheat. Both delicious and both compliment sarson equally well. 😎

While makke gets the liberty of pairing with sarson every now and then, poor missi is left alone. 😦 So today, I helped facilitate the divorce and coupled missi and sarson together.

Don’t they make a good pair??? :mrgreen:



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