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… and was forced to get out of my hibernation by someone 😛

She told her not to give me my prize until I do atleast three posts!!

Life’s been busy as always, but thats not the excuse this time. I somehow couldn’t get myself to bring me to the blog…… is there somethign called as blogarthargy? :-!

I haven’t checked what comments I have recieved……… I opened my mail box after a long long time……. blog stats are something long forgotten!

I was talking to her sometime back and she was going through it as well. And she very aptly put it as, “Our honeymoon period with our blog seems to be over!” (U) ( I don’t think she has reached my stage though. 🙂 )

And that was so true………

I used to have my blog and email links open always……. TOI was being refreshed every few minutes to check what’s cooking around? ………. blog stats were checked twice a day and IP adresses were put to use to see who’s visiting me from where………. SIGH!! Whats happened to all that??

I have at least 10 posts in my draft……. but I still can’t get myself to publish them…….. There are more than a dozen emails asking me where have I disappeared and whats wrong with me still waiting to be answered. Too many thank you’s are due for all those blog awards.

Is anyone feeling anything remotely like this? Or is it just me?

Anyways, lets have some bhutta… 😉

Corn 015



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